☭ Liberty Or Equality?

Proponents of Socialism cast it as a cure for inequality. Let’s talk about just how wrong that is.

This past week, we added three posts to our Economy section. Here’s what we covered:

👎 Socialist countries are technically more equal than free ones. Why? Everyone’s equally poor. 96% of Venezuelan citizens are poor. In the US, despite being more unequal, that number is only 10%. That’s because it’s free.

💰 Socialism leads to absolute power and wealth consolidated into the hands of the few. Stalin, Mao, and Chavez all preached against inequality, yet created murderous authoritarian regimes.

🏙🗽 Critics of capitalism claim that the freest, least regulated places in the world are more unequal. They ignore that those places have the highest GDP per capita.

🇳🇴 Socialists like to point to the success of Nordic countries. Nice try socialists, but the Nordic states are capitalist. Their free markets help make a welfare state possible.

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