❗️Bad Decisions: Minimum Wage, Pipelines, And Marxist Curriculums

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The Real Effects of the $15 Minimum Wage


A study done by the Manhattan Institute estimates 6 million jobs could be lost with a federal $15 minimum wage.

By increasing the cost of employing low-wage workers, a higher minimum wage generally leads employers to reduce the size of their workforce.

No Effect On Poverty Rates

Not only were poverty rates not affected, but the poor were disproportionately affected by loss of work.

It Will Crush Small Businesses, Especially After COVID.

Smaller businesses operate in an extremely competitive environment with thin margins. They won't be able to compete with big businesses, who would remain unscathed. This is especially important to consider now given the affect lockdowns had on small businesses.

It Promotes Automation

Executives and CFOs are gearing up for a potential $15 minimum wage. An easy way for corporations to keep profits while increasing salaries is to get rid of workers. Less workers, more robots.

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Canceling The Keystone XL Pipeline Was Dumb

The Pipeline Was Environmentally Beneficial

Pipelines create 61-77% less greenhouse gas emissions than rail over long distances.

In every year from 2003 to 2013, pipelines experienced fewer accidents per million barrels of oil equivalent transported than did rail.

Rail is more than 4.5 times more likely to experience accidents.

99% of pipeline accidents from 2003 to 2013 didn’t damage the environment.

11,000 Jobs Gone

As a result of Biden's executive order more than 1,000 jobs are already gone.

According to TC Energy Corp, the Canadian company that owns the pipeline, another 11,000 construction jobs will be lost.

On A Global Scale, It's Not Good For The US

We buy almost all of Canada's exported oil (98%). Without the Keystone Pipeline, we lose the guarantee of Canada's oil. Cancelling the Pipeline gives Canada good reason to start exporting to China and India, a move that would hurt the US.

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Tracking The Biden/Harris Administration

For the next four years we'll be tracking the Biden administration. Here are some highlights.


President Biden signed an executive order that would allow for US taxpayer dollars to be used by foreign governments as aid to perform abortions.

Biden's Administration has put a [temporary] halt on Trump's order to lower the prices of both insulin and epinephrine.

Cancelling the Keystone Pipeline Permit

Biden granted access to the US from people who come from terrorist hotbeds.

Not Bad

Biden ends U.S. support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen, says war 'has to end'

Doubled down on Trump's original 'Made in America' Executive Order

Follow The Biden Tracker

California Wants To Teach Marxism and Antisemitism To Your Children

It's Critical Race Theory Brainwash

The curriculum would: “Critique empire and its relationship to white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism … and other forms of power and oppression,”

The Curriculum Praises Violence

The curriculum lists influential people of colors. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, or Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall did not make the cut. While those above weren't included, many violent revolutionaries were, like murderous communist leader of Cambodia.

Immigrants Who Experienced Communism Are Worried

Three hundred immigrants who escaped and survived communist USSR signed a letter addressed to Gov. Newsom:

“We escaped a Marxist-socialist system and its associated tyranny and oppression. Never could we have imagined that, decades later, the same ideology and concepts that we escaped, would show up in, of all places ... the California Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.”

It Teaches Children Nazi-esque Antisemitic Tropes

Under the curriculum, Jews are the only group of people who have 'privilege'. They're also described as powerful, greedy, and deceitful, using their lamentations in "effort to raise funds". Sound familiar?

Students will be taught about Jewish privilege without teaching about Antisemitism. Some counties are replacing education on the holocaust with this curriculum, essentially replacing Holocaust education with Antisemitic Marxist propaganda.

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Valuable Insights

As people wait for the stimulus checks, don’t forget the bigger picture.

“It’s easier to control people when they’re scared and poor. If the goal is social transformation, which is the term that Biden and Harris use, then it stands to reason that the poorer and more desperate people there are, the better. How about a $600 check from the government in return for us taking away your business and your right to work with no legislative or judicial authority?” Tablet Mag

The election was rigged. We’ve been saying this for a while. Now the left is saying it too, but using different words.

“A well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.Time

We can fight woke cancel culture. Bari Weiss shows us the way.

“Remind yourself, right now, of the following truth: You are free. It’s true that we live in an upside-down time in which pressing the “like” button on the wrong thing can bring untold consequences. But giving in to those who seek to confine you only hurts you in the long run. Your loss of self is the most significant thing that could be taken away from you. Don’t give it up for anything.” New York Post

Corporate America and the media are working in tandem to suppress political dissidents and sway democratic elections. It’s tyranny.

“Today Americans live under two constitutions: the political constitution and the corporate constitution. The political constitution is functioning reasonably well. The corporate constitution, by comparison, is a lawless realm of out-of-control tyranny.” Tablet Mag

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